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26th October 2021 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to come with a partner?

No. Relationship counselling deals with present, past and future relationships and I see couples and individuals over 18, whatever their gender, race, sexual orientation or marital status.

How many sessions will there be?

In general, a baseline of six sessions is a good guideline. The first session is more of an assessment, when background information will be taken, and the reasons for seeking counselling will be discussed. If you feel comfortable with the process, the same day and time will be available for you to attend each week. During the sixth session we will look at what has been achieved and where you feel you are with the process: sometimes the six sessions are sufficient, sometimes more sessions seem a good idea. No pressure will be exerted: it is for you to decide whether to continue further.

How much does the counselling cost?

I charge 60 for each session of one hour.

Who will know about what is said in the sessions?

The sessions are completely confidential, and nothing is revealed without your specific consent. All notes of the sessions are held without identifying information, and all files kept in a locked cabinet. All counsellors have supervisors to discuss cases, but names are never used. However, breaching confidentiality would be considered if I felt there was a danger of harm coming to you or someone else, particularly a child.

Do you supervise counsellors outside Relate?

Yes, I am happy to supervise counsellors privately. I also have experience of leading supervision groups and would be happy to discuss forming a supervision group of private counsellors.

I charge 50 pounds for one hours supervision, with a reduced rate of 45 pounds for trainee counsellors.